Shiseido Pureness Blemish Targeting Gel

Hey guys!

I’ll be reviewing Shiseido’s Pureness Blemish Targeting Gel today!

I’m actually reaaaaally busy but not updating much is giving me guilt trips, so… *cough* I’ve decided to do an easy post as a filler.

My aunt got this for me last Dec and I’ve been putting this off for the longest of times. Well, obviously I  didn’t buy this myself cos no money :X She originally bought it for her daughter-in-law’s sister (we have a crazily huge extended family in Brunei) but gave it to me ‘cos she bought extra and she saw I had this bad case of acne on the left side of my forehead.

She got it cheap in Miri (some place in Malaysia that you can drive to from Brunei) for RM 80. That’s like… 32 bucks? Hmmm I wouldn’t spend so much on a blemish gel 😛

So I have to rely on the good wishes of *cough* my family to sponsor me! (what, you think I earn money meh? *indignant*)

She says it is usually 40-50 SGD in Brunei but when I went to google it it ranges from 28-36 SGD in Singapore/ on Amazon plus super expensive shipping fees. But that’s still quite a bit of money. I’ll tell you, she is super sweet to everyone!

Whenever I visit Brunei she’ll take me shopping and insist on paying for everything. We fight to pay first at the cash register but I usually lose, because she is the lady boss of the main newspaper agency and almost everyone knows her ._. Everyone seems to know everyone else there ‘cos the population is only 300,000…. Which is like 20 times smaller than Singapore! Is my math right??

Okay fine this doesn’t really explain much but usually the cashiers accept the money from the elder.

There was one time she tricked me into trying another piece of clothing and promptly paid for all the items I wanted! Super jian4 !

Recently I’ve taken to shopping alone hahaha but it’s quite hard to do so cos I can’t get to the malls unless someone drives me…

I think she spent at least 400 bucks on me last Dec hols.

50 bucks on Hada Labo stuff

70 bucks at The Face Shop/ Holika Holika

100 bucks or so on clothes (clothes are super cheap there!!)

almost 200 bucks for a pair of Lee jeans my uncle got for her in Taiwan but she couldn’t fit into them, so she gave them to me. I wear them EVERYWHERE now. They are gorgeous… the gradient of shades, the fit, how the material hugs your legs… what can I say?? LOVELOVELOVE.


Oh gosh I clean forgot about reviewing the product!

I guess I’ll have to do it tomorrow cos I’m too busy.










Okay, I use this rather sparingly (15ml only) and usually only for huge patches of acne. It isn’t very effective for huge pimples or stopping developing ones, but it is quite good with huge red patches of tiny little irritable bumps. It cleared up mine in a little under two days!

Do note that it is quite drying, and I’m sure that if you run a Google search you’ll find some comments about it.

This is not a fantastic product that would make me squeal my head off I guess, cos’ it is not exactly in a cute packaging or has drastic miraculous results. If you run a Google search again, you’ll notice that there are mixed reviews.

Well… a plus point is that it is quite convenient to use (a squeeze bottle thing)


And you can see that it is a clear gel…

I circled it in case you can’t see it :3

Another thing I like is that it absorbs quickly without leaving an oily film or feeling (it’s drying, I guess) and it has a rather refreshing feeling, though I’m afraid that’s because of the high alcohol content.

People with sensitive skin should not use this product as it stings. At first I was super happy that it stung because it should mean that it is doing its job and whatnot, but then I realised it had a super high alcohol content, like a hand sanitiser, and drying too, and smells the same, so maybe I can get the same effect with the plain ol’ Dettol hand sanitiser?? 


Loves: Cooling feeling, convenient bottle

Hates: Not a very astounding product as a whole.

Rating: 6.5/10

Conclusion: Find something better (and probably less pricey). 

9 thoughts on “Shiseido Pureness Blemish Targeting Gel

    • Awww, I’m sorry to hear that 😦 This product actually has mixed reviews, with some people saying it sucks and others touting it as their cure-all… I guess it didn’t work out for you.
      Or perhaps the product is trying to bring out all the gunk to the surface? That actually happened to me when I used Tea tree oil, my acne looked worse at first but I stuck to it and it cleared up within a week. 😮

      • tea tree did the same. Made it worse. But my acne which usually lasts a week max went of for a month using this. 😦 and it was painful.

      • I get a stinging feeling on red patches but if it is an open wound (like after squeezing acne and stuff) I agree it hurts like hell! I checked the alcohol content and it is very high, so I guess it’s the alcohol that’s causing you pain :/

      • What are some of the products you feel works a little? Maybe I can find similar products and recommend some for you.
        But if your acne is quite persistent I’d suggest you see a dermatologist 🙂 I will dig up a video I saw on Youtube where the person explained the whole treatment process and the various pills they use to combat it and what would be suitable, and I found it to be quite informative.

      • Already see the derm. Mine is mostly because of my climate, I live in India, hot and humid, so it’s super impossible unless I move to the hilly regions. Have to keep my skin as dry as possible to keep it clean. But this entire range worked for me except this one and the toner.

      • I live in Singapore, which is pretty hot and humid, too! When I went to Hong Kong during the winter (though it doesn’t snow there) my complexion really got better because it was colder and drier there 🙂 But my lips kept cracking though, so I used up nearly half a tube of lip balm, haha!

      • ha ha ha. Same thing happens when I go north. My skin literally glows. but the lip balm, need to stock up too.

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