Ridia Estelle Hair Remover


I bought this on Qoo10 as an impulse buy, totally sold by the moisturising-whitening-permanent sales pitch. Urghhhhhh.


This product pretty much works like other depilatory creams, so I feel a little disappointed. You need to wait at least 10min instead of the 3min they claim to see the hairs start detaching, and I suggest you use a scraper or something instead of wiping the cream off, like other depilatory creams.

The hair breaks off at the roots, so I don’t really understand how there can be permanent hair removal- but I guess I’ll continue using the spray and see how it goes.


A spray.

I think they were attempting to make it hygienic and convenient and whatnot, however I still need to spread the liquid myself because the nozzle basically just shoots a thin stream of liquid precisely onto my leg and doesn’t- dissipate- if you know what I’m trying to explain.


This is very moisturising and provides a nice feel to it afterwards. My legs also look brighter, though I am not sure if that is because the hair is gone.

This stinks like hair perms- if you have tried hair removal creams you will know what I’m talking about- and is much stronger smelling than other depilatory creams.

I will continue using this to see how it works- it seems to be gentler on the skin, which is a plus point. I didn’t get any irritation afterwards. 

Delivery is extremely fast considering it is from Japan- took only a week and it was wrapped expertly, with invoice and supporting documents included. Very impressed with the delivery.



 Fast delivery from Japan

 Moisturises, brightens(?)


 Bad smell. VERY BAD SMELL.

 Needs a longer time than claimed.

 Breaks off at the roots. 

Overall rating:

Did not perform up to expectations, but it still works.


4 thoughts on “Ridia Estelle Hair Remover

    • It removed the hair for me, but grew back after 3-4 days. It claims to be able to remove permanently after a few uses, but I have not used it enough as it is time-consuming. The hairs look lighter though.

  1. Hi just chanced upon your blog ^^ May i know if theres any update on this product? Does it grow back prickly like few days after a shave?

    • Hiya! What I’ve found is that the hair tends to be lighter, and a little softer.
      As for the claims that it will take longer to grow out, I don’t know if that is true- the growth time is roughly the same, you start to see hairs poking out a day or two after but it’s not as dark/prickly looking.

      Actually, I found that there isn’t much difference between this product and a cheaper alternative eg. Veet hair remover (cream) so you might want to try those first and see if it is suitable for you.
      Some people with sensitive skin have found the chemicals in it too harsh, so you might want to add moisturiser/ aloe vera gel afterwards to soothe the skin.

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