Perfumies- Earth Angel, Clean Cotton, Stardust

I want to gripe about a purchase I made recently.

This thing called Perfumies.


For you guys who don’t know what this is all about, it’s stick perfume!

Super convenient and portable… just don’t leave it in your bag for too long on a hot day!

You can look up the website here, or on Etsy because you can’t find it in Singapore or any stores even in the USA, I think.

So I was instantly smitten because the pictures were so goddamn pretty and there were tons of awesome reviews about people saying how much they loved the products (especially the Clean Cotton one)

So I bought three at one go.

In short, it was


I didn’t take into account that I prefer subtle scents, and these being produced in the USA are really… pungent… really strong. The moment I unwrapped the package I was hit by a strong smell of detergent.

Apparently that was the ‘clean’ smell.

If I wanted to smell like detergent I would put it on my body, seriously.

Stardust was supposed to be this dreamy, fruity scent but to me it just smelled like air freshener.

The only saving grace was Earth Angel, this sorta musky smell which my bf says smells like incense  (don’t know if he likes it or not) but anyway I like it ._. like, it’s passable. Best out of the three. It surprised me because I just got it to fill up the numbers and I wasn’t expecting much, but it turned out to be the best. Whee!


At least the scents smell better after some time and linger pretty well enough to last half a day.

If you like Victoria’s Secret scents, I think you’ll like these.

Digressing a little…

I was at the airport last month and I decided to check out the Victoria’s Secret scents because tons of people have been raving about how awesome they are, and I HATED THEM.

Many people say that the body lotions smell great but they are strong on chemicals and give you rashes… which is true on all accounts except for the smell.

The scents hit you face-on and don’t last very long, so when you apply them people can smell you a mile away for the first hour or so, then after that the scent is barely there. *irritating*