Perfumies- Earth Angel, Clean Cotton, Stardust

I want to gripe about a purchase I made recently.

This thing called Perfumies.


For you guys who don’t know what this is all about, it’s stick perfume!

Super convenient and portable… just don’t leave it in your bag for too long on a hot day!

You can look up the website here, or on Etsy because you can’t find it in Singapore or any stores even in the USA, I think.

So I was instantly smitten because the pictures were so goddamn pretty and there were tons of awesome reviews about people saying how much they loved the products (especially the Clean Cotton one)

So I bought three at one go.

In short, it was


I didn’t take into account that I prefer subtle scents, and these being produced in the USA are really… pungent… really strong. The moment I unwrapped the package I was hit by a strong smell of detergent.

Apparently that was the ‘clean’ smell.

If I wanted to smell like detergent I would put it on my body, seriously.

Stardust was supposed to be this dreamy, fruity scent but to me it just smelled like air freshener.

The only saving grace was Earth Angel, this sorta musky smell which my bf says smells like incense  (don’t know if he likes it or not) but anyway I like it ._. like, it’s passable. Best out of the three. It surprised me because I just got it to fill up the numbers and I wasn’t expecting much, but it turned out to be the best. Whee!


At least the scents smell better after some time and linger pretty well enough to last half a day.

If you like Victoria’s Secret scents, I think you’ll like these.

Digressing a little…

I was at the airport last month and I decided to check out the Victoria’s Secret scents because tons of people have been raving about how awesome they are, and I HATED THEM.

Many people say that the body lotions smell great but they are strong on chemicals and give you rashes… which is true on all accounts except for the smell.

The scents hit you face-on and don’t last very long, so when you apply them people can smell you a mile away for the first hour or so, then after that the scent is barely there. *irritating*

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Body Butter

Today, I’ve decided to deviate from masks and review The Body Shop’s Ginger Sparkle Body Butter!

Although Christmas is over, The Body Shop has yet to clear their Christmas displays, and post-Christmas sales are always worth waiting for! (most shops do it to clear stock)(I will upload pictures when my DSLR is back from repairs. Long story. Meanwhile, satisfy yourself with a picture I took from Google. Many apologies!)


The main components of this body butter are:

Ginger root extract

Shea Butter (Community Fair Trade)

So, if you have been eyeing the Shea Body Butter for some time but want a clean, rich scent, this alternative should do well!

It is suited for all skin types, so this is not as oily or greasy as some of the heavy, ‘for dry skin’ body butters.

The label on the container states 24 hours (is that how long the moisturising effect lasts for? Or that you can use it any time?)


I can understand why they call this ‘Ginger Sparkle’. When you take a whiff of it, you inhale a sharp, spicy scent, and you can’t help but take another sniff. Truthfully, I bought it for the scent rather than its moisturising properties. 😛


Anyway, after I rubbed it into my skin (calves), it really provided a lot of moisture without being too oily or greasy. It sinks in easily and I love the smooth, soft feeling your skin attains. I moved around a lot, so that may be why the ‘moisturised’ feeling lasted for only two hours. The scent easily lasted up to 6 hours in comparison, becoming more subtle as it wore off.

The smell is heavenly but for some people, it might seem a bit strong. A little goes a long way! I usually rub it at the pulse points and a little at the back of my neck when I go out. If you adore this scent and would like to wear it out, I would suggest you apply it 30 minutes before you go out for a more subtle scent! It smells like gingerbread and vanilla and bakeries… YUM!


Sadly, there are no cheaper alternatives online as The Body Shop does not distribute their products to other stores. However, there are 20% off sales ongoing, and I managed to get it cheap in Brunei! There are similar sales in other countries where the Body Shop has set up stores, and I’m sure that even if this is not for you, you can easily find something else you like among the three new Xmas flavours: 

Vanilla, Ginger Sparkle and Cranberry! Cranberry has a more mature smell, and Vanilla smells like butter and bakeries. Good enough to eat! I didn’t buy it because I didn’t want to smell like a cake ._. 


My boyfriend likes this scent, too, and as it is not exactly a girly scent, why not let your man borrow it? Of course, everyone has their own tastes, and this may not be for everyone. Do head to your nearest Body Shop store to try it out!


Loves: Scent, mosturising but not oily/greasy, sinks in well

Hates: The smell might be too strong for your tastes, so use sparingly or apply and wait a bit before going out

Rating: 7.5/10

Would I buy it again?: This will last for a long, long time. I can’t wait for next year’s Christmas scents! No point buying the same thing twice anyway if it lasts for a long time

Price: Around 21.50 BDN in Brunei (currency equal to Singapore) after 20% discount. And I didn’t use the membership card so members, an additional 10% off! It is more expensive in Singapore, 32.90 SGD if I am not wrong which comes to around 26.30 SGD after discount (membership discount not included in calculations). This makes this cheaper than all the other body butters!! Yay!